“Morten Jerichau’s pictures are really world-class. They have a unique style which people often to try to copy – but never succeed in doing so. And he’ll always be our go-to-guy when it comes to shooting pictures with soul and an aesthetic dimension beyond the usual.”

Jay – Artist, musician & producer


“..and we also see him socially – and he’s a fuckin’ star.”

Nik – Artist, musician & producer





“Morten is a razor sharp photographer. I’ve worked with him on several occasions, and every time he manages to deliver an image that far exceeds my hopes. He portrayed me on the front cover of my latest book ’Mesterlære’ – see for yourself.”

Peter Bastian – Musician & author


“In an infinite sea of selfies, the world needs a talented photographer like Morten Jerichau; he has mastered the art of creating a true portrait. Mastering the art of light is essential for the perfect photograph, and Morten Jerichau possesses this incredible gift.”  

Niels Bastrup – Creative Director, Royal Copenhagen & Desk No. 63